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Social Firms Europe CEFEC

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is a participative and integrative network, working across all the EU member states to promote the model of social firms and social co-operatives at EU, national and regional levels. The mission of SFE CEFEC is to support and encourage the development of social firms and social co-operatives around Europe so that more people who currently face severe barriers to the labour market, because of their disability and disadvantage, can access employment.

Social Firms Europe CEFEC has been in existence for more than 30 years. It is a well established and respected network which has the following VISION: social firms and social co-operatives are in every European town and country. By leading this movement, Social Firms Europe CEFEC helps individuals who otherwise face stigma and discrimination, to overcome their social and economic exclusion through employment.

In order to be able to fulfil the vision and mission statements outlined above, Social Firms Europe CEFEC has the following aims and objectives in place:

1. To raise the level of understanding and increase the profile of social firms and social cooperatives across Europe

1. Ensure that the website is informative, intuitive and valuable as a primary resource on social firms across Europe

2. Build and maintain relationships and communications with key policy parties at EU level to improve their awareness about social firms

3. Use and build on existing research (e.g. the Linz Appeal) to create an evidence base and lobby policy at European and national levels

4. Ensure wide promotion to a broader audience of the annual conference and content that builds awareness

5. Use the European Social Firm of the Year Award to increase publicity, inspire involvement and build awareness of the Social Firm model

2. To increase and serve the membership

1. Set up and maintain an efficient membership database operated from the base of the Secretary General

2. Create a database of interested parties; re-contact and promote membership

3. Communicate regularly with members via email to keep them in touch of developments and opportunities

4. Seek case studies and news from members which can be shared and profiled

5. Ensure that the annual conference is effective in meeting members interests and needs, facilitating networking and sharing of experiences across Europe

3. To become more financially sustainable and influential as a European Network

1. Increase the membership

2. Keep the costs of the Secretariat manageable within the available annual budget

3. Manage the finances, reporting accurately and regularly on the financial situation to the executive committee and the members

4. Seek sponsorship to meet the costs and overheads for the annual European Social Firm of the Year Award

5. Work with each conference host country to maximize profits made on the event and negotiate a financial contribution to Social Firms Europe CEFEC

6. Encourage members to partner in projects which include a financial contribution to Social Firms Europe CEFEC

7. Identify and apply for EU projects which suit, complement and build on the core mission of Social Firms Europe CEFEC

8. Consider and build strategic partnership opportunities that assist with the sustainability objective of the network

Social Firms Europe CEFEC has 48 members from 23 countries from Europe and Asia, more than 1500 professionals working in the field of social inclusion and social economy sector and more than 10.000 final beneficiaries of job employed by SFE CEFEC members. As a umbrella organization has 3 part time staff, 15 members of Executive Committee and 15 experts involved in different projects and cooperation.