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KoiSPE Diadromes


KOISPE cooperatives were created under the 2716/99 Law, of the Ministry of Health within the framework of the “Development and Modernisation of the Mental Health Services”. KOISPE are a special form of cooperatives, since they are both productive/commercial units and also Mental Health Units.

On the other hand, KOISPE according the 4019/12 Law, of the Ministry of Labor are considered Social Firms aimed to induct people with Mental Health and other psychosocial problems and disabilities to jobs market

The Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Health is supervising all the KOISPE. A basic aim of KOISPE is the social inclusion, the employment and the financial independence of people with psychosocial problems. The employment rehabilitation of these individuals is realized via their inclusion in the entrepreneurial activities of the KOISPE.


KOISPE “Diadromes”-Attica established in 2006 and belongs to Attica’s 10th Psychiatric Sector. The idea for the creation of the Koispe diadromes comes from the employees of the Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health (S.S.P&M.H).

Its operation is based in Athens and its offices are located at 7 Arrianou St-Athens. It is a Private Law Legal Entity with limited liability for its members. The initial members of KOISPE “Diadromes’’ are the Society of S.S.P & M.H, the Social Firm “Pixida”, the Institute for the Mental Health of Children and Adults, the Mental Health NGOs “Anodos”, EPSAMY and Xenios Zeus.

Special mention should be made of the support of the S.S.P & M.H, as it has offered material and technical assistance to the Cooperative, as well as has helped sustain and uphold the vision and the faith in innovative practices.

The Social Firm “Pixida” has also supported KOISPE “Diadromes”, through sharing its expertise and offering consultation on entrepreneurial issues.

Purpose and Aims

The activities of KOISPE “Diadromes” have the following aims:

• To ensure the viability of the enterprise and the continuous creation of new employment positions;

• To be active in the local open market;

• To maintain a balance between the entrepreneurial strategy and the social aims;

• To fight and eliminate the social stigma, through – among others – the creation of a work identity and the improvement of the financial position of the Cooperative’s members;

• To establish cooperation with the family and the therapeutic framework and provide counseling support to the members;

• To provide continuous education and vocational training to its members with psychosocial problems ;

• To provide continuous education and vocational training to its staff and collaborators – mental health professionals, so as to contribute to the employment of people with special needs, disadvantaged and psychosocially challenged.