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Asociatia Institutul pentru Parteneriat Social Bucovina

NGO founded in 2011, non-profit, with aims to support the sustainable development of communities in the North East of Romania, South –West of Ukraine and entire Republic of Moldova through learning partnerships projects and organizing continuing training programs for Adults. Founding members: AREAS – Romania, AREAC – Ukraine, AREAP – Republic of Moldova,  Die Querdenker Austria, KULT-ART, Romania


a)  Developing programs to facilitate intercultural learning, cross-border cooperation and exchange of experience;

b)  Supporting rural youth and adults, immigrants, minorities and persons with disabilities to ensure access to all forms of learning;

c)  Regional and community development by conducting training courses, evaluation of competencies sessions organizing certification process, facilitating access without discrimination to all members of the community.


a) organizing thematic training courses,

b) providing TOT services for 11 EBC communities (Economy Based on knowledge ) – regional network

c) writing and implementing projects

d) organizing thematic workshops, seminars, conferences, campaigns etc.

e) providing authorized social services and research services in social economy, ethnography, sociology, community development

f) offering non-formal trainings: languages, communication, human resources management, project management, vocational counselling

g) evaluation for European certification on ICT and PBS

Local networks: GAL Confluente Nordice – Local Action Group working on rural development in Suceava Counties (EU LEADER Program); attends Festival of your Chances annually promoting lifelong learning to 11 local municipalities; an accredited provider of support services for job market in direct cooperation with Suceava Labor Office. Regional: active in one of the poorest regions of EU running 7 social enterprises as a support office for training and counselling; part of FONSS network participating actively with THE NGO’S VOICE newsletter and social services fares. Working directly for policy paper with MindRiset Net (Romanian Network of mental health policy) and with National Agency of Disability in Romania being part of the commission for deinstitutionalization of psychiatric sector in Romania and Republic of Moldova. Nationally: part of the RISE – an umbrella organization for social inclusion and part of the ENSIE European network and Social Firms Europe CEFEC.