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Pagalbos namuose tarnyba


“Pagalbos namuose tarnyba” (Home care service) is a NGO, having status of charitable foundation. Foundation was established in October of 2015th with the aim to strengthen and extend care and apostolate activities that Home care department at Caritas Lithuania has been doing for the last 12 years.

At the moment there are 8 workers (nurses, social workers, nursing and care assistants, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist etc.) employed in the Foundation and ~20 permanent and 150 occasional volunteers.

Activities of the Foundation are acknowledged by government institutions – Foundation has all needed permits and licenses (such as license for social care or nursing) and each year receives financial and material support from local authorities and community for implemented activities.

“Pagalbos namuose tarnyba” acts in few main areas:

– Providing direct social, health and other needed services for people with health and social problems and they family members;

– Implementing social integration and rehabilitation activities for people from disadvantaged groups and health problems (counselling, vocational training, supported employment, social and psychological support);

– Conduct various trainings in connected themes for people working in social and health care area, volunteers and people in need;

– Advocating main field issues on macro level (foundation is an active member of larger networks like EAPN Lithuania, Palliative care association etc) and often is invited to various working groups on ministry level.

Every year we do provide integration and rehabilitation activities for more than 100 persons, around 200 receive needed services at home.